Magical Towns Tours

Nearby Morelia

Morelia is also surrounded by cities where excellent moments can be shared. Some of these cities are:

Patzcuaro.- It is located 23 kilometers from Morelia. In pre-Hispanic times, it was an important Purepecha ceremonial center (Purepechas are the native people of the region). Its magnificent buildings of adobe and tile, its monumental temples, legends, customs and its spectacular Vasco Quiroga Plaza make it one of the main tourist centers of the Mexican Republic and the first city of Michoacan to receive the title of “Magical town” in 1991.


Uruapan.- It is a Prehispanic city located southwest of the city of Morelia; it’s the second most important city within Michoacan. Its name comes from the word Purepecha uruapani, which means “Place where everything flowers”. Its vocation is primarily agro-industrial, and it is recognized as the CAPITAL of avocado worldwide, for its high production and quality of the fruit. Uruapan and the surrounding regions have a great traditional, cultural, architectural and natural diversity. Currently, the city has many rivers that make up the Tepalcatepec basin and it has a mild climate, with lush forests and beautiful landscapes. Due to their indigenous heritage, it has a great variety of cultural expressions.

Uruapan counts with a national park, “CUPATITZIO Canyon”, It includes 47.4 acres of recreational area and 1116.9 acres of conservation area. It is located within the Cupatitzio River basin region in the extreme west-center of Michoacán State. It is the second most visited Park in the Mexican Republic. It is recognized because its where the Cupatitzio River is born; that name comes from two words of p’urhépecha origin: kupatzini (diving) and itzio (in the water).



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